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White Gold Hoop Earrings

Our hoop earrings are 14k real solid white gold classic polished round hoop ears. They 2mm tube hoops provide durable and long-lasting style. They are perfect for yourself or your loved ones.

Leslie's Real 14kt White Gold Polished Hoop Earrings

Large 14k Gold Hoop Earrings

Large 14k gold hoop earrings are a great way to show off your learning skills! They're sturdy and beautiful because of the gold content. And they're affordable and easy to buy! what are they for? the earrings are meant for listening to music or discussing notes while around friends. They're also great for everyday use, as they're not too heavy or too small. And they can be eitherears or hoops as they have the potential to get a bit large. how do they work? the gold content in the earrings starts to show because of the light blue and grey color combination. When the earrings are in the air, the light blue and grey color pairs will cancel each other out. However, the light blue and grey color together will make the earrings gold content-free hoops! how much they fit? the size of the earrings depends on the type of earring: large 14k gold hoops measure 3. 5 inches long and 1. 5 inches wide, and small 14k gold earrings measure 1. 5 inches wide.

Small White Gold Hoop Earrings

These small white gold hoop earrings are a perfect gift for your woman as they are 18k white gold plated and 25mm inside out. They are also equipped with a durable metal frame which makes them sturdy and pleasing to the eye. the large white hoop earrings are a perfect addition to your fashion series. Made from 14k white gold, these earrings are perfect for your next party or special occasion. these extra large 14k gold hoop earrings are the perfect way to add a little personality to your fashion style. The earrings are made with 14k white gold and have a5mm round huggie hoop eardings. our beautiful hoop earrings are perfect for your look. With a sleek, white gold look, these hoop earrings are a must-have in any fashion-friendly setting. The silver necklace and earrings are both unique and beautiful, making them a delicious luxury item. Plus, free shipping on all our jewelry!